Life is a series of battles never truly won!

Well , this is my second blog entry.

What I have to say this time is that life is like a never ending war, you can never claim complete victory no matter what you do.

Each stage in life is a battle, you have to be prepared to take risks as well as to win. You never go into a battle not expecting casualties, the main goal is to win with the least amount of damage to your army as possible.

The damage I am talking a bout can be in the form of physical as well as psychological damage, but the one casualty you can never afford to loose is your values, cause once you loose that the war is already lots.

Back to the idea of complete victory, cause this is an idea I notioce confuses many people.

When you have a goal in life , it is always like taking over a hill or a castle in battle, that is only half the way to victory, there will always be more battles to be fought to keep your positiona and always more fierce fighting to move further ahead.

I took note of this in my life whenever i reach one of my goals, there is never a cinematic happy ending, just the preparation for another battle and for more fighting, it’s like a game where you go up a level only top discover that the next level is harder than the previous.

This brings me to the idea I want to express here, victory is not a stage where you make the claim and count your points, it is a moment of reflection where you hjave to review your startegy and count your casualties. Only then will you be able to get the truly valuable lessons from your battle , and only then will you reap the true benefits of getting involved in it in the first place .

You may have noticed that I have never mentioned loss or surrender, cause I believe that you can nenver loose unless you claim defeat, your enemy cannot claim victory over you unless you surrender, so if you choose to keep going , defeat will never be an option.

Another point i’d like to make here is that it is never too late to reeavluate your startegy, wether yoy are winning or loosing, this has to take place every once in a while, the most valuable rewards come to those who learn from their mistakes.

That was my 2 cents on the topic.



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  1. Unknown says:

    I feel u bro 😉 ya # ya #…………

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