Missing Ersh and Ceasar

Sitting here with my juice , missing my 2 best friends (Ersh and Ceasar).
These are really my only ever true friends, the ones I trust.
Ersh is a doctor, we call him ("THE LOVE DOC"). He’s a big fan of snoop
dogg, and hopefully will come to egypt soon with our pal "The CEASE"

Ceasar is sick now, Ersh will take him to the vet tommorow.
I am praying for him, cause he is really more to me than just a cat.
Ceasar has always been there for me and ersh, he has always been more faithful than any human, and has the kindest soul of all.
I would give up all the people I know gladly for this cat, and with ceasar I never feel like I need any other friends.

So peace out for now.
And if u feel what i mean, please pray for the kindest soul I have ever known.

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