Changes, Changes, Changes.

As you can see from this title, it is all about changes. If you are interested in the animal kingdom you will notice that the more adaptable a species is the more likely it is to survive.
The change I mean here is really a metaphoric change, an Ideological change or a technical change in the way we do things.
My values have never changed, but my ideology certainly has gone through a period of revision where some old ideas were changed, others were cemented in my brain.
Unfortunatley in life change is not always elegant so sometimes it happens fatser than we like it to, sometimes it never happens fast enough.
I have always tried to make the change quick enough and in tune with events aroound me, but I’m always learning one of life’s true lessons, you will always have the benefit of hindsight on some things and always hit urself when you look back and say "why couldn’t I have been smarter, faster, wiser….etc.".
The real solution here is just to accept mistakes made in the past and to cherich those mistakes cause u never know if in some way beyond ur understanding if things didn’t turn out better.
When change doesn’t happen fast enough, I really feel frustrated and bored, but because I never expect it from others and always from myself, I became my biggest dissapointment. But this has always helped me to learn from the past and to evolve into something more like what I had planned.
The truth is, being human sux…..
we all hate it, we all want to be more than "just human". I guess that’s why we have so many superhero’s, but the real superhero is not the one without fault but he who learns from his faults and is never afraid to face them.
I guess knowing this, I realize I will never live up to my standards, but at least I had the courage to have them!
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