The fine line between being a genuis and being crazy

So what the hell is a genuis anyway?
Mostly, he is just a crazy person who has somehow found recognition for his/her crazy ideas.
Given a choice, I’d rather be crazy than be a genuis anyday.
Somehow your thoughts only stay pure when it is only you who belive in them.
But what do I care what others think. They are sheep living in a big white flock.
A friend told me "would u rather be a sheep, or a  rabid dog running around the flock?"
I think I would rather be the dog.
It’s not about wether the dog is a good thing or not.
It’s that I’d rather die than be a sheep.
We humans are so stupid with our fears and insecurities. What’s the worst that can happen to us? Death?
I have never feared death, it’s just a transition from living in a very petty and silly world to another with new rules and new possibilities.
I hope one day I can be the Wolf, even when I am villified, at least I will be thinking for myslef.
Now I am just the dog hoping to turn into a wolf. 🙂
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3 Responses to The fine line between being a genuis and being crazy

  1. Rania says:

    Okay, here\’s a question for you. What would you do if you turned into a wolf?

  2. Mourad says:

    Actually i would rather be the shephard with a shotgun to kill the rabid dog 🙂 and lead the flock to safety

  3. Mohamed says:

    The only really honest character here is the Wolf.
    The Shepherd guides the sheep to safety for slaughter in the future.
    The Sheep know their fate but are just content to accept it.
    The Dog has an inpossible vision he will die trying to achieve.
    The Wolf knows what he wants and makes no secret about it.

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