I am sure almost everyone has seen this movie. I am also sure, that each and every one of us, knows, feels that we are living in our own matrices.
So what is this Matrix? What Matrix are we living in?
Well, my humble opinion on that is that we each live in a world that we create for ourselves. Some of us are content to live in a world created by others (the sheep), others live in the oppressive world hoping to one day break free (the dog),  some create worlds for others to live in (the shepherd) and others actually break free and face the music (the wolf).
If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, please review my previous post

13 April 5:18 PM

The fine line between being a genuis and being crazy


I am not going to get into a boring and long detailed discussion of "society as an oppressor", or "Arab society vs Western society", cause frankly I don’t really think much of any society. They are all forms of oppression and hypocrisy where one "ideal" or "way of life" is imposed on everybody and those who do not comply or oppose are either deemed "morally inferior" or "terrorists".
I am not the first to think this way ofcourse, since we have "The Matrix", we also had "The Scarlett Letter" and "The Crucible" and Byron.
I guess this idea has been in the human conscienceness for millenia.
I hear people saying "So what’s your alternative?", to those I say: It’s just a cylce of evolution and revolution. Evolving ideas and revolting against them, we should deny ourselves neither in our eternal quest for knowledge and enlightment.
It should be matrices multiplying, banging against each other, chaos then order the chaos. That is the eternal equation of the world, it will always be like this wether we choose to see it or not.
I hope any of this will make sense to someone one day as much as it does to me.   
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One Response to The MATRIX

  1. Rania says:

    The Matrix was a very nice movie, I do agree.

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