Huawei E220 Modem fix for Windows 2008 x64

I am blogging using my Huawei USB modem which has had problems connecting to the internet for months now.  This problem was apparently not in the modem itslef but rather in the device driver settings.

I am using the following H/W, S/W specs:

Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop Processor Intel T7200

Windows Server 2008 RC x64.

It was working great at first, then suddenly I got a message saying "Error 31, Device connected not functioning".

I tried everything, re-installing the firmware, re-installing the software in the actual modem, but alas no connectivity.

The following is the working driver details:

1. When you go to the device manager look under modems you will find (Huawei mobile connect 3G modem)

2. Right click then properties, you will find the following details:

This is the configuration as it is working now.

These are the steps I used:

Huawei E220  – recognized as CDFS (?!) but can´t read from, no driver installed…

incompatible ->:-(

Work-Around: You need another PC/Laptop and a USB Pen/Key Drive to do this:

1) Connect the E220 to your XP PC/Laptop

2) access the emulated CD Drive and copy all the Contents onto a USB Pen Drive.

3) Disconnect the E220 and the Pen Drive

4) Connect the Pen Drive to your Vista PC and install the software using the Autorun.exe file (Run as Administrator)

5) Connect the E220 – Vista will only recognize a USB Mass Storage Device and the emulated CD drive which it cannot access.

6) Open the Device Manager (in the Control Panel)

7) Look for the USB Mass Storage Device in the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" Section

If there are more than one USB Mass Storage Devices, right click each one,

select Properties, Details and then "Children"

If it says "Huawei" somewhere inside the Value, you found the right one.

8) Right click on the Mass Storage Device and select "Update Driver Software"

9) Select "Browse my Computer"

10) Select "Let me pick"

11) Uncheck "Show compatible devices"

12) Select "(Generic USB Host Controller)" in the Manufacturer Tab

13) Select "USB Composite Device" in the Model Tab

14) Finish installing the Composite Device driver

15) Afterwards, Vista will add another USB Mass Storage Device, and if you are lucky, also 2 "Data Interfaces"

16) If it doesn’t detect the Data Interfaces, disconnect and reconnect your E220.

17) Vista should now detect all the E220s Data Interfaces

18) When asked to insert the disk containing the drivers, choose "I don’t have the disk"

19) Enter the \Drivers\WinXP Subfolder of your USB Pen Drive

20) Repeat Step 18&19 for the second Data Interface

21) Start your Huawei Mobile Connect (Web’ n’ Walk Manager) Software, and connect 🙂

Pasted from <>

But it still didn’t work!

I then installed the firmware from the

And it worked!!!!!

I have no idea what happened, but I just wanted to share this in case anyone else had an Huawei E220 and had issues installing it on Windows x64.

Good luck to all. I sincerely hope this helps.

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