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VSTS 2010 training kit

 About a week ago I was reading Ron Jacob’s blog and came across this important post on VSTS 2010 traiining kit so I thought it would be useful to re-post for all the VSTS geeks out there. Advertisements

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Application Architecture Guide 2nd Edition

This news is almost 2 months old, but still worth the post nonetheless.  I strongly suggest reading this very important guide for anyone interested in Software design/ Architecture, I believe it is a great entry point for beginners too. Download … Continue reading

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VSTS 2010 release date

 I just got word from Dotnetshoutout that the release date will be April 2010.  It’s been a long time waiting….   Here is the post

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Installing TFS 2010

The first step in installing TFS is to download the installation guide and read it VERY CAREFULLY. This is probably the single most important advice I can give you when installing TFS. Follow the guide WORD FOR WORD.   Of … Continue reading

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Some links I found useful on my path to learning Dynamic AX

I have recently been working hard on getting to know MS Dynamics AX, since this is a product I will work closely with in the next step of my carrer.   So I have decided to share some usefful links … Continue reading

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Some goals

Personal Goals: More focus More organization More knowledge More energy (wake up earlier) Work Goals: Install TFS Setup build server Practice MS Dynamics AX AIF integration Learn a lot more about Dynamics AX  Now instead of just sitting here and talking, … Continue reading

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Career move

I have recently made the move to a new company (group) specialized in MS Dynamics AX. The compoany I will be joining is called Right Solutions, it will be the software development arm in the group. This is really exciting for me, as I get to … Continue reading

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