My new years resolutions

I haven’t been bloging in a long time. To tell you the truth, so many things have happened to me and I have been looking for my passions and redefining my priorities.

I can’t claim to have a definite list of resolutions, but Inshallah this is what I plan to do this year:

1. Regain my love and passion for some pet technologies.

2. Talk about my passion, present, express myself.

3. Manage my time and priorities, balancing between family, work and technology time.

4. Ensuring my intentions remain pure to my cause, to learn and enjoy my life while doing that, never focus on rewards, but just enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

5. Forming a plan and executing on that plan this year, in terms of measurable goals.


I guess this is what I have to say for now, I now have something to get back to a year later and see where I am from my expectations and dreams. Hopefully, I won’t disappoint myself too much.


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