Step 2

I am still sick at home, but I have a few ideas I am trying to formulate.

1. We need a tech community with a difference, something with BUZZ, excitement. A buzz that keeps me going and infects others.

2. It must start small and gain momentum, it must be easy to do, easy to post, not long and boring, but short and precise.

3. I  don’t want to give a long and boring in-depth post, I want people to learn, have their hand on the pulse of things so to say.

4. I will focus on breadth, not depth.

5. I will talk about how things work together, and focus on discussions and try to bridge the worlds of infrastructure with e the world of development with the world of implementation with the world of integration.

6. I will speak about alternative careers and shortcuts people can take.

7. A 5-8 min video episode with just a friendly and casual atmosphere.

I will start once a month and once I get some momentum will go from there.

Looking forward to hear some of your comments, ideas and help….


No company/corporate names, no ass kissing of any kind, just people who love technology and want to have fun learning.



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