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My experience of the Shaikh – Part 1

I was always wondering in life. Always confused, never had a clear answer for things in life. I always knew I had a sense that I was born for a purpose, but I never had the slightest clue what that … Continue reading

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My life’s work

All through my life I have always struggled to find meaning, reason and sense. During this struggle I have always had a deep sense of utter emptiness and lack of purpose. I had this inner emptiness which I felt, a … Continue reading

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Step 3

I have spent a lot of time last night waking up with new ideas regarding the new idea I’ve had for a technical podcast/ video series.   Here are the ideas I have envisioned so far: 1. Each cast will … Continue reading

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Step 2

I am still sick at home, but I have a few ideas I am trying to formulate. 1. We need a tech community with a difference, something with BUZZ, excitement. A buzz that keeps me going and infects others. 2. … Continue reading

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My new years resolutions

I haven’t been bloging in a long time. To tell you the truth, so many things have happened to me and I have been looking for my passions and redefining my priorities. I can’t claim to have a definite list … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Thoughts on Ron Jacobs post on resistance training

 I loved this post by Ron Jacobs. As a sufi- Muslim I have to say that I totally agree and hear many similar stories and ideas on my side of things 🙂 Quote Resistance Training "Be self-controlled and alert. Your … Continue reading

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