VSTS 2010 training kit

 About a week ago I was reading Ron Jacob’s blog and came across this important post on VSTS 2010 traiining kit so I thought it would be useful to re-post for all the VSTS geeks out there.
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Application Architecture Guide 2nd Edition

This news is almost 2 months old, but still worth the post nonetheless.  I strongly suggest reading this very important guide for anyone interested in Software design/ Architecture, I believe it is a great entry point for beginners too.

Download it here


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VSTS 2010 release date

 I just got word from Dotnetshoutout that the release date will be April 2010.  It’s been a long time waiting….
Here is the post
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Installing TFS 2010

The first step in installing TFS is to download the installation guide and read it VERY CAREFULLY. This is probably the single most important advice I can give you when installing TFS. Follow the guide WORD FOR WORD.
Of course now to get to it, where do you get the installation guide? I searched a lot and found this link.
I have to give credit where credit is due, I have to say I found the link on Ayman Badawy’s blog. Ayman is an expert on VSTS,a great resource for the subject and a great friend of mine.
Anyways, back to the installation…
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Some links I found useful on my path to learning Dynamic AX

I have recently been working hard on getting to know MS Dynamics AX, since this is a product I will work closely with in the next step of my carrer.
So I have decided to share some usefful links for others who would like to learn more:
Concerning integrating MS Dynamics with other applications, the AIF (Application integration framework) Layer is where that happens:
I found this Channel 9 video by  Sanjay very helpful
While on Channel 9 you might also want to check out this range of videos
Then of course there is the MSDN portal site
Unfortunately there seem to be no MSDN forums concerning MS Dynamics AX.  I will do my best to change that
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Some goals

Personal Goals:
  1. More focus
  2. More organization
  3. More knowledge
  4. More energy (wake up earlier)

Work Goals:

  1. Install TFS
  2. Setup build server
  3. Practice MS Dynamics AX AIF integration
  4. Learn a lot more about Dynamics AX

 Now instead of just sitting here and talking, I will get back to it…



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Career move

I have recently made the move to a new company (group) specialized in MS Dynamics AX. The compoany I will be joining is called Right Solutions, it will be the software development arm in the group. This is really exciting for me, as I get to learn about a whole new suite of products and actually focus more in the Architecture and integration side as opposed to developing systems from scratch and re-inventing the wheel for the hundredth time.
Stay tuned for more updates, also expect a session on Dynamics in Cairo Code Camp.
Wish me luck guys 🙂
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